Top 6 Best Flat Top Griddles [Grill] 2021 Reviews

Best Flat Top Griddles

It’s summertime, and you’re probably looking to make some sumptuous meals on a griddle. Thus, you want to purchase the best flat top griddle to help you create amazing meals to impress your friends and family.

They are perfect for sauteing veggies, and making burgers, bacon, pancakes, hash browns, and eggs outdoors. The flat-top griddles are an excellent choice for breakfast aficionados to cook a large volume of meals simultaneously.

Although this appliance might not be what pops up in your mind when you think of buying a cooking machine for your back patio, it can be an incredible, multifunction acquisition of your outdoor cooking repertoire.

With many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Hence, this guide offers a list of the best flat top griddles alongside a detailed guide on making the right pick.

Best Flat Top Griddles – Top 6 Picks for Every Breakfast Aficionados

#1. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station – 2-burner – Propane Fueled – Restaurant Grade – Professional Quality

The Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a unit to handle everyday use and cook almost every meal. This griddle station features a durable steel construction that guarantees this product will last a lifetime.

One of its many highlights is its 470 sq inches of cooking surface area, which is plenty enough to cook several different foods or a big meal simultaneously. Furthermore, it has high-quality wheels made of steel to let users transport this cooking beast around the yard with confidence.

What’s more? It comes with two separately controlled stainless steel burners delivering a whopping 15,000 BTUs capacity each, which sums up to 30,000 BTUs. Another thing we loved about the Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station is its dedicated spot to house a 20lb propane tank and keeps it safe from dogs, kids and passersby.

Moving ahead, you get a bottom storage shelf to tuck away your cooking and cleaning tools. This best flat top griddle is a great choice for anyone looking to cook on a large surface with a couple of perks like an integrated cutting board and an extra side-shelf to prep your food.


Durable steel construction

Large cooking space

Up to 30,000 BTU heat capacity

Sturdy wheel for easy maneuverability


You will need a couple of extra hands to assemble this unit

#2. Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built in Cutting Board, Garbage Holder and Side Shelf (1825), Black

By now, you should have figured out that Blackstone is one of the industry leaders in this space. All products are made in the USA, which is probably one of the reasons it’s highly sought after.

Unlike our top choice from Blackstone, this flat top gas griddle employs four independently controlled burners with a wide temperature range to let you cook just about any tasty food for a crowd. Also, it has 720 sq inches of cooking space tailored with a large grease drain system for seamless cooking and cleanup experience.

This cooking machine is about 36-inch wide, which offers two side tables that come in handy for storage and food preparation. In addition, there’s another storage option beneath the griddle’s controls to hold your cooking utensils and cleaning tools.

Each burner is made with stainless steel to ensure they are corrosion and rust-resistant. We love the design and sturdy construction. The extra-large cooking surface is made with rolled steel, which delivers superior heat distribution and retention. However, it’s not as durable as we’d expect – it might rust.

This cooking machine is quite heavy, but thanks to its four strong wheels with two lockable caster wheels, the Blackstone 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle is easy to transport from the storage shed to your backyard.


Easy to clean

Large cooking space

Four high heat capacity burners

Lots of storage and prep space

Heat resistant handle


The griddle top is not very durable

#3. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, True Seasoned Griddle Surface, Four 12,000 BTUs/Hr. stainless steel Burners

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is a perfect choice for anyone looking to replace their current grilling machine. This griddle from Camp Chef doubles well as a grill without any hassle. This model features four burners delivering a total heat capacity of 48,000 BTUs, which is more than enough to cook several foods at the same time.

With such a whopping heat capacity, this flat top grill is matched with a large 501 sq inches of cooking space to accommodate enough food to feed a crowd at once. In addition, it features extra storage space, two shelves, an adjustable leg leveler, and a propane tank holder.

On top of that, the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill employs a grease management system that includes a catch bucket, grease tray, and micro-adjust griddle levelers for a mess-free cooking experience. Another thing worth noting is its reliable ignition system.


Matchless ignition system

Four 12,000 BTU/hr. stainless steel burners

Versatile design

True Seasoned Surface, non-stick cooking surface


On the pricier side

#4. Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Without Hood-Propane Fuelled Outdoor Grill

Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Without Hood-Propane Fuelled Outdoor Grill, 22 Inch Griddle, Black

This flat-top griddle from Blackstone is a tabletop model to offer convenient portability and easy positioning. This model helps you whip up crispy bacon, crunchy hash browns, a smorgasbord of eggs, and fluffy pancakes anytime.

Blackstone 22″ tabletop griddle features a compact and lightweight design to allow you to cook out in nature or in your backyard. Also, it is easy to carry the griddle for tailgating, BBQ get-togethers, and more. Additionally, it offers about 339 square inches of cooking space to cook enough food at once without any hassle, thanks to its total 24,000 BTUs of heat to handle just about anything.

That’s not all: this beast features powerful “H” burners for even heat distribution and cooking. Each burner has an integrated igniter to allow you to control the burners independently. In addition, it has a practical grease management system for a mess-free cooking experience and makes cleaning up after cooking a breeze.


339 Sq. inch cooking surface

Innovative grease management system

Heavy-duty steel construction

Reliable ignition system


Customer service could be better

#5. Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36″ Gas Griddle

Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36″ Gas Griddle, Black

Last but not the least, the Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner 36″ Gas Griddle is one of the best freestanding flat top griddles out there. However, this beast takes lots of space on the deck or patio. It expands up to 36 inches and weighs nearly 100 pounds.

This unit comes with a 760 square inches cooking area, making it a decent choice for large families or people who often entertain friends and colleagues. This flat top griddle’s cooking space is large enough to cook a meal for a hungry crowd. Plus, its cooking surface features a cold-rolled steel construction that guarantees excellent heat retention and distribution.

On top of that, you get up to 4 separately controlled 15,000 BTU burners to deliver the much-needed firepower to cook just about anything with ease. Also, it allows you to create different zones for cooking different foods simultaneously on the same griddle.

More importantly, it employs lockable wheels to make transporting this device a cinch. Also, it has self-leveling legs to allow you easily position the cooking griddles on any terrain or surface.


Cold-rolled steel cooking surface

Folding design for compact storage

High heat capacity

Dual grease management system


Heat distribution could be better

#6. Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill Stainless Steel Lid 22-Inch Round Outdoor Flat Top Gas

Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill Stainless Steel Lid 22-Inch Round Outdoor Flat Top Gas, 360° Griddle Cooking Center & CGWM-003 360° Griddle Cooking Center Cover

When it comes to the best flat top griddles out there, the Cuisinart CGG-888  will continually earn a spot. The brand is a reputable one and a go-to for many cooking machines and tools – and this model is no different.

In terms of the design, every stone was turned. This unit utilizes two stainless steel burners with a matchless ignition system for a reliable startup at all times. Each burner delivers 15,000 BTUs and a sum of 30,000 BTU heat capacity beneath a large cold-rolled steel cooking space.

This beast does everything perfectly. It delivers even heat distribution which gets rid of any hot spots. What’s impressive about this model is its interchangeable griddle and grill tops that allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Further, it’s your best bet for making breakfast, side sauces, veggies, burgers, and many more. With such versatility, the  Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill 22-Inch Round Outdoor Flat Top Gas adds value to your backyard.

Best of all, this unit comes at a competitive price. This means you don’t go overboard to purchase this multifunctional cooking beast.


Great value for the money

Two 15,000 BTU burners

Easy-to-start matchless ignition system

Three-year manufacturer warranty


Poor quality control

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Flat Top Griddle

Cooking area

The best flat top griddle should offer enough cooking space to handle the amount of food you need to cook regularly. If you cook for a small family or yourself, then a device offering about 400 square inches of the cooking surface should suffice.

But if you want a device to handle large tailgating parties or family reunions, you should settle for a cooking space higher than 500 square inches.


Flat top grills are a great way to cook a lot of meals, but they won’t deliver that rich smoky BBQ flavor like grills – why? The food does not drip into the fire and creates that smoke for that smokey flavor. It’s essential to consider the kind of food you want to whip up. The flat-top griddle can not serve as a grill. However, you can go for devices built to offer both griddling and grilling functions.


When choosing a flat top griddle, you want to consider the setting and place where you intend to install the device. If you’d love to use the griddle on tailgating outings or camping trips, then you should settle for a device with wheels or a portable design.

However, if you are looking to cook in your backyard or patio without moving the device around, you can settle for a heavy model with lots of pecks.

How to Clean the Flat-top Grill


All in all, we’ve reviewed the top 6 best flat top griddles. Now, it’s up to you to make a choice depending on your preference, needs, and budget. But if you’re not sure of the device to purchase, you can’t go wrong with the Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station.

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