Best Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo 2021 [Review + Buying Guide]

Best Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo

If you got tired of going through hundreds of over the range microwave ovens with the convection cooking feature on the market and need some recommendations, then you have come to the right place.

Here we’ve whipped up the best over the range microwave convection oven combo to ease your decision process. We are confident that any of the models on this list will be a perfect fit for your limited counter space. Also, it will help extend your cooking limits, prepare your meal faster and conveniently.

What is the Over The Range Microwave Convection oven combo?

This modest kitchen appliance, microwave, relies on microwave radiation to heat / cook your food from inside-out. Thus, it’s sought after for its outstanding cooking efficiency and quality.

On the other hand, the convection oven uses a fan to distribute hot air throughout your food to guarantee even cooking.

Now, microwave convection ovens offer the best of both worlds, which get rid of the need to purchase two separate kitchen appliances. However, the over the range models are built to be installed over your stove to free up more counter space.

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Advantages of Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo

If you’re not sure if this appliance is best suited for you, then below are some of the key benefits why you consider the over the range microwave convection oven combo:

  • This combo delivers impressive cooking versatility – reheating, grilling, broiling, steaming, roasting, defrosting, and baking.
  • This appliance utilizes both convection cooking and microwave energy, which means faster cooking.
  • It helps cut costs on bills since it uses hot air, which consumes less energy
  • The over the range models are designed to be installed over a stove, which frees up your counter space
  • Hot air technology coupled with radiofrequency energy ensures this appliance cooks uniformly and help retain more moisture for excellent results
  • It has an integrated ventilation system which means you don’t have to use a range hood to get rid of smoke, odors, and steam out of your kitchen.

Without further ado, let’s check out our top 5 picks for the year

Top 5 Best Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo

#1.  FRIGIDAIRE FFMV1645TS 30\” Over the Range Microwave

FRIGIDAIRE FFMV1645TS 30\” Over the Range Microwave with 1.6 cu. ft. in Stainless Steel

Recently introduced is the sleek-looking FRIGIDAIRE FFMV1645TS 30\” Over the Range Microwave. This model comes looking stunning; you don’t have to take a good look at the appliance before being thunderstruck by its gorgeous look.

So, if you are a big fan of cooking controls, convenience, and looks, you can’t really go wrong with this product. This arguably best over the range microwave convection oven combo features stainless steel construction. It has a minimalistic front panel to add interesting visuals to any modern kitchen.

What’s more? This 1000W OTR oven packs enough power for an on-the-go cooking experience. It has built-in sensors to adjust the oven’s power based on the moisture present in the cooking cavity. This feature gets rid of the guesswork and ensures your dishes are perfectly cooked.

Moving ahead, this model is equipped with 10 power levels, which means you don’t have to wait all day to reheat your food or roast your chicken almost instantly. This budget option comes with its multi-stage cooking feature to select the cooking time and power level. This is a feature you want to have during big dinner parties.

This unit has some present features on higher-end models to allow you to soften butter, popcorn, and potato by merely pushing the button. Even better, it serves as a hood, thanks to its two fan speeds and ventilation. The venting system includes fans to help recirculate or vent out the air in the kitchen.


1000 watts with up to 10 Power levels

Elegant design

Equipped with lots of pre-programmed cooking presets

Sturdy stainless steel construction


No reset option

#2. Sharp R-1214 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave

Sharp R-1211 1-1/2-Cubic Feet 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave, White

While this 2-in-1 from Sharp is not as visually appealing as our top choice, its performance is up to par. This convection microwave oven can do just about anything from brow to crips, roast, broil, and bake. This OTR appliance offers the best of both worlds without sacrificing your counter space or paying more on energy bills.

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with a quick to defrost and reheat option, which is a lifesaver, especially in this fast-paced world. The Sharp R1214T Over-the-Counter Microwave Oven features smart digital settings, making this versatile appliance easy to operate.

Let’s talk about the design. This unit features stainless steel finish that makes this unit slightly aesthetic and won’t be an eyesore to look at. Another thing we love about this product is the integrated exhaust system with three venting options – ductless, vertical, and horizontal circulation.

The Sharp R1214T 1.5 Cu. Ft. 1100W Over-the-Counter Microwave Oven bakes and cooks your meal uniformly. With a 1.5 cu ft capacity, this OTR device offers enough room to cook just about anything at a go.


The manufacturer backs this unit with a free 10-year warranty

Integrated exhaust system

Quick defrosting and reheating

Digital Settings with an intelligent sensor

Durable and sturdy construction


Cleaning can be a hassle

The fan is a bit noisy

#3. GE JVM3160DFBB 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

GE JVM3160DFBB 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity in Black

Take a good look at this combo and tell me you don’t love how stylish this appliance looks. General Electric knows how to manufacture kitchen appliances that come perfect in terms of design, quality, and performance. This OVR microwave oven features a very classy stainless steel finish that will improve your modern kitchen decor.

Our favorite highlight about this oven is the Speedcook technology – touted to cook up to four times faster than the regular kitchen oven. This oven combo offers 1.7 cu ft and six cooking modes, including warm, broil, convection, speedcook, and microwave mode.

What’s more? GE JVM3160DFBB 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven has an easy-to-use control dial to adjust the temperature and cook time to your preference. So, no need to babysit the cooking process. The oven comes with more than 150 recipes programmed for a quick meal. And if you love to stick with Made in USA appliances, then this could be your best bet.


150+ programmed recipes

Speedcook technology for fast cooking times

Versatile cooking options

User friendly and energy-saving

Six cooking modes


Its convection function is not up to par

The vent won’t handle much steam

#4. Avanti MOTR13D3S 24″ Over The Range Microwave

Avanti MOTR13D3S 24″ Over The Range Microwave, Stainless Steel

Amidst the obvious elegant, 30-inch wide design, the Avanti MOTR13D3S 24″ Over The Range Microwave offers more functionality. This model features a compact design that fits your narrower cabinet width.

Despite its impressive portability, this OTR microwave offers up to 1.3 cu ft of cooking space. One of the highlights of this appliance is its handle-less design, making the oven appear minimalistic and sleek. More importantly, the controls are conveniently aligned along the appliance’s bottom for easy reach and hassle-free operation.

Talking about controls, the Avanti MOTR13D3S 24″ Over The Range Microwave has a centrally placed display and controls on both sides. This unit’s cooking power is rated a 1000W with up to 10 power level settings. This machine has an integrated sensor to adjust the cooking temperature and time based on moisture level inside the cavity.

What’s more? It has a venting system to exhaust steam and odor above the appliance. This venting apparatus can be adjusted to either vent out or recirculate the air. Equipped with a 300 CFM two-speed exhaust system, this should be more than enough for a moderate-sized kitchen.

#5. Sharp R-1874TY Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

Sharp R-1874TY Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with 1.1 cu. ft. Capacity 850 Cooking Watts in Stainless

Making it to our list of the best over the range microwave convection oven combo is the Sharp R-1874TY Over-the-Range Microwave Oven with a sleek design, a black display panel, and stainless steel trimmings. This appliance adds retro vibes to your kitchen.

Its control panel is stacked with cooking settings for both microwave and convection functions. This beautiful appliance is a decent choice for anyone looking to replace their worn-out RV cabinet microwave.

The Sharp R-1874TY Over-the-Range Microwave Oven comes with a stainless steel interior and is well illuminated to improve visibility. On the front panel, there’s a user-friendly touchpad for an easy, seamless operation experience.

Furthermore, it has about 1.1 cu ft interior capacity, which should be enough for a small-sized family or motor kitchen. In addition, this appliance comes with a convection fan to guarantee uniform heating. So, if you’re out there looking for a compact OTR microwave convection oven combo with excellent convection function, the model will impress you.

Moving on to the exhaust mechanism, Sharp R-1874TY Over-the-Range Microwave Oven is equipped with a 240 CFM venting fan to vent out or recirculate the air by adjusting the exhaust flaps. On top of that, this OTR appliance’s bottom has cooktop lights for proper illumination and an “off” setting.


850-watt to handle all cooking functions

It comes with high and low racks

Integrated exhaust mechanism

Stainless steel interior and intuitive control panel


Best for a small-sized family

Features to Look for Before Buying OTR Microwave Convection Oven

Kitchen size and space

When choosing the right oven to purchase, you want to consider how much space is available in your kitchen. It’s important that the appliance can fit into your desired place without sacrificing much kitchen space.

Cooking Needs

You don’t need over the range convection microwave oven if you only need to prefer the microwaving function. While the extra features might come in handy later in the future, purchasing this high-priced appliance might not seem like a good investment, except you don’t mind spending extra money. To ensure you make the right call, you should consider an appliance that satisfies your cooking needs.

Cooking Capacity

Over the range microwave convection oven combo usually offer a larger cooking capacity than the countertop versions. This makes it an ideal choice for people with a large family or requires the microwaving function for larger projects.

Keep in mind that these large appliances deliver up-to-par cooking efficiency without costing you more energy bills. Before settling on an over the range oven combo, you might want to consider your kitchen needs and habits – for a worthwhile investment.

Convection Feature

Although this feature is often ignored when trying to pin down the right OTR appliance for you, a convection feature brings more functionality. An appliance with the convection feature comes with a fan attached to either the side or back for uniform heat distribution.

Models with these features offer more cooking modes to create recipes without any hassle. You want to go for a convection feature if versatility is a must for you. Keep in mind that these models come with a heftier price than the standard versions.

Control Panel

The format and location of the control panel determine how convenient using this appliance will be. Digital controls in most over the range microwave convection oven combo are highly responsive and a better option over dial and knobs.

The control panel is usually placed along with the button, to the right of the appliance door, or hidden behind the door. You want to consider the control panel’s location if you don’t have a tall stature.

Venting Power

The venting power of this appliance, like the dedicated under-cabinet range hoods, is measured in CFMs. The best over the range microwave convection oven features venting fans with variable speed with up to 400 CFM peak performance.

The 300 CFMs is more than enough for people who cook moderately at home. But for high in-house cooking, you will need the 400 CFM appliance.

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With its incredible portability and host of features, the OTR microwave convection oven is a must-have in any modern kitchen today. They are designed to make your kitchen life easy for home cooks.

But with dozens of options out there, we hope our guide helps you pin down the best over the range microwave convection oven combo to suit your cooking needs and preference.

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