How to Cook Frozen Pizza in Toaster Oven [2021 Updated]

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in Toaster Oven

Margherita or pepperoni? Veggie or all-meat? Regardless of what tickles your taste buds, pizza is a no-fail! Whether you are enjoying the afternoon with friends or having a movie night with family, pizza is always a good idea.

The best thing about pizza is that it is convenient. You donโ€™t need to be a gourmet chef to prepare a good one. They are available frozen, and you can prepare one in a few minutes. Read on as we share some tips and tricks on how to cook frozen pizza in toaster oven.

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in Toaster Oven

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cook Frozen Pizza in Toaster Oven

Get ready to prepare a delicious treat! Below is a quick guide for preparing pizza at home without the fuss. Within a few minutes, you are ready to devour!

1. Take the Pizza Out of the Freezer

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the pizza from the freezer. You do not need to thaw the pizza, but you must wait a few minutes before cooking it. If you wait longer, the pizza will end up soggy or watery, which will also affect the quality of the ingredients and the overall taste of the pizza.

2. Preheat the Oven

As you wait for the pizza to be ready for cooking, preheat your oven. Choose the highest possible setting. This makes sure that the taoster oven is hot in no time and you are soon ready to cook your pizza.

It is important that the oven is hot enough before putting the pizza in. It should have been properly pre-heated and scorching hot. For the crispiest crust, try to achieve a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Place the Pizza on a Tray

Put the pizza on a tray that will fit in an oven. You can use a pizza pan, screen, or stone, depending on what is accessible. When you do so, make sure to take out the pizza out of the packaging before cooking it in an oven.

If you want the pizza to be crispy, especially the crust and the edges, do not line with a baking sheet. It is best if you will put the pizza directly on the oven rack. This will also make sure that the crust cooks evenly.

When you are cooking a thick pizza, you will benefit from using a pizza stone. This is a great way to prevent the thick crust from being chewy. If you are using a pizza stone, make sure that it is already inside when you preheat the oven. More so, you will need to put the pizza directly on the stone.

4. Cook the Pizza

Now that you are ready to cook, put the pizza in the oven and close the door. The duration or time by which you will cook the pizza will depend on the setting that you will choose. In most cases, it will take up to 15 minutes. It is also a good practice to set it at five minutes and check. If it is still uncooked, then cook for five more minutes.

5. Let the Pizza Cool

Look at the pizza and once you are sure that it is cooked, take it off the oven. Make sure that you are wearing mitts or using the right tools. Let it rest for at least five minutes before cutting and serving. When you cut the pizza, use a sharp knife or cutter. Otherwise, you will be cutting back and forth, which will affect the quality of the crust. Enjoy the pizza immediately.

Other Tips and Tricks for Cooking Pizza in a Toaster Oven

Aside from following the steps mentioned above, below are some important tips to keep in mind.

Choose the Right Pizza

While cooking techniques matter, it is equally important that you choose the right kind of frozen pizza. Quality is a crucial consideration. It should have ingredients that will still taste good even if they have already been frozen. Keep it simple. Less is more in frozen pizzas. The more ingredients there are, the higher is the likelihood that the pizza will end up being soggy after cooking.

Use an In-Oven Thermometer

As earlier mentioned, making sure that the oven is hot enough is one of the secrets in cooking the perfect frozen pizza. While you can always look at the digital display for the temperature of the oven, this is not the most accurate. We recommend using an in-oven thermometer instead. It will provide more accurate readings, making sure that the oven is hot enough.

Add Fresh Toppings

Use your creativity to take your pizza to the next level and elevate its flavors. One of the best things to do is to add fresh ingredients, such as onion, garlic, bell pepper, mushroom, and anything else that you would like. This will add color and flavor to the pizza. You can even add barbecue sauce, feta cheese, and pulled pork.

Squeeze Lemon on Top

Aside from adding toppings when cooking your frozen pizza, another simple trick that can up the taste is a squeeze of lemon. It has a bright flavor that will add freshness to the frozen pizza once it has been cooked. Aside from fresh lemon, one more thing that can do wonders is lemon-infused olive oil.

Resist Cutting the Pizza in an Instant

After taking the pizza off the oven, most people will think of cutting it in an instant. However, such is not a good idea. Waiting for a few minutes is best. If it has cheese, then the melted cheese should not stick to the cutter or knife. That is the time you will know that you can cut and serve the pizza. Also, when you are cutting the pizza, make sure that you do it on a flat surface.

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