Ninja Air Fryer Max XL Review [2021 Updated]

Ninja Air Fryer Max XL Review

In recent years, air fryers have been amongst the most raved about kitchen appliances. They are user-friendly, versatile, and most of all, a must-have for healthy cooking. Aside from air frying, you can also use it for roasting and broiling, among others.

Looking for the best air fryer in the market? Read this Ninja Air Fryer Max XL review and we’ll look at one of the top products that should be on your radar.

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer, 3 lbs, Grey

Main Product Features

Is this air fryer the right choice for you? Here are some of the features that will help you decide if this is a great product or if you should look for an alternative.

Max Crisp Technology

Many people are hesitant to cook without oil because they are afraid that it won’t end up being crispy. Such won’t be the case with this model. It has Max Crisp technology, which will let you air fry with 75% less fat.

1,750 Watts

To deliver superb performance, we also love how it generates 1,750 watts of power. This is strong enough to make sure that it cooks within minutes. With this wattage, it is also capable of creating a nice crisp that will be similar to deep-fried dishes.

5.5-Quart Non-Stick Basket

This large air fryer has a round basket that can accommodate up to 5.5 quarts. More than being large, one more thing that we love about the basket is that it comes with a non-stick coating. This way, it will be easy to use and clean.

Broiling Rack

As a bonus, this model also comes with a broiling rack. Aside from maximizing the use of space in the basket, this is also good as it will let you position the food higher so that it will be nearer the source of heat.

The Good

If you are looking for more compelling reasons to buy Ninja Air Fryer Max XL, here are some of the benefits that you must know.

Seven Functions in One Product

The versatility of this product is one of its best assets as it can be a replacement to multiple kitchen appliances. Aside from air frying, you can also use it for baking, broiling, roasting, and reheating, among other things.

Comes with a Ceramic Coating

Looking at the overall construction of this air fryer, one thing that we love the most is the ceramic coating. The latter is the one that is responsible for making the surface non-stick for healthy cooking. Plus, it also helps in making the unit effortless to clean.

Intuitive Operation

If you have not used an air fryer before, this is a great product. We love the simple interface. It has minimal buttons, unlike others that have confusing controls. It also comes with a comprehensive manual so you will know how to make the most out of it.

Creates a Nice Crisp

It is also a good thing that it will let you cook food with a distinct crisp. It has a specific feature that allows maximum crisping. This will let it work like an oven or deep fryer for dishes where you need a certain crisp.

High Cooking Capacity

The name of the product itself will already give you an idea of the cooking capacity of this air fryer. It has a 5.5-quart basket, which is enough for cooking for a standard family. This will eliminate the need to cook in batches.

Effortless to Clean

Aside from being easy to operate, cleaning the unit will also be a breeze. Among others, this is because of having detachable components, which means that you can clean them individually. It also helps that there is a non-stick pan.

Aesthetically-Pleasing Design

This air fryer is a combination of both form and function. With its design, it won’t be an eyesore in the kitchen. It is bulky, but it isn’t one of those appliances that you will be compelled to hide in your cabinet. It has a modern design.

Made by a Reliable Brand

The brand name alone will already give you a good reason to choose this air fryer over many of its competitors. Ninja stands out in the market for kitchen appliances, so you can be confident that its performance will be second to none.

The Bad

Despite all the good things, there are also some drawbacks, including those that we’ll be talking about below.

Does Not Come with Presets for Different Foods

This is one thing that is significantly missing in this air fryer. It would have been better if there is a one-touch preset depending on what you will be cooking. For instance, some have an option for wings, nuggets, and fries, among others.

Has a Burning Plastic Smell

Some users of this air fryer noted that there are times when they can smell burning plastic. While they did not see any defect with the product after the foul odor, this can be quite annoying and some might be paranoid.

No Cord Storage Pocket

While this is only a minor con, we would have appreciated the air fryer more if there is a way to organize the cord at the back of the unit when it is not used. Since there is no cord pocket, it does not look neat on the counter.

Makes a Loud Noise

Many users of this air fryer also complained about the noise of the fan, especially when it is operating at its maximum setting. More than being annoying, some people might think that there is something wrong with the unit.

Big and Bulky

The size of this unit can also be a drawback for many people, especially for those who have limited space to spare. We are also not fans of the round basket. It would have been better if it is square to maximize the use of available space.

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